Our Mission

Our community faces unprecedented challenges, which are driving greater demand for charitable services while at the same time making it more difficult for these organizations to raise the funds they need to operate. The Pamplemousse Project will support the funding needs of local nonprofit organizations serving our community by creating a successful business which distributes all profits back to these groups. We hope to create a replicable model that can be expanded further into our community and many others.

Our Name

What kind of a silly name is that for a cafe? And what – or who – is a pamplemousse anyway? It started as a joke about the mispronunciation of the French word for grapefruit (yes, that’s a pamplemousse) but soon morphed into a nickname for our wonderful mixed breed shelter rescue dog: The Pamplemousse. Our Pamplemousse is super sweet and brings immense joy into our lives, but she has a mischievous side and can be challenging at times. This seemed like a perfect name for the mission we are embarking on. We live in a wonderful and diverse community that also faces many issues. Our Project is to work to overcome these challenges and bring joy to our community. Hence The Pamplemousse Project!


By the way, we don’t care whether you pronounce it the French way or the incorrect American-ized way!

Our Café


The Pamplemousse Project was designed to be a comfortable space to come and stay. Whatever the occasion, The Pamplemousse Project is the perfect spot. You can chill out with your laptop in our big leather chairs, treat the entire team to some candy at our large communal table, meet a client at an intimate two-top, people watch at our window bar, or gather with some friends at our high-tops in the back. And, of course, we have free Wi-Fi! The Pamplemousse Project serves as a focal point for the community, both as a meeting place and as a resource for the White Plains Public Schools, the White Plains Youth Bureau, and other community organizations. And make sure to come back often to see rotating art exhibits by White Plains students!



The café was designed using natural and sustainable materials, including counters made from recycled sorghum stalks, lighting fixtures fashioned out of corrugated cardboard, and tables, paneling, and shelving built with reclaimed lumber sourced from old buildings throughout New York City.

Our Drinks


We serve only the highest quality, ethically sourced coffee. That means that our coffee roasters meet rigorous environmental, economic, and social standards. They work directly with farmers, building long-term relationships with them. This helps ensure that our coffee is consistently the best quality and is farmed in a way that reduces impact on the environment, while also providing stability for the farmers and their communities.

Our hand-crafted beverages are made by highly trained baristas. Every drink is made to your specifications, and we aren’t happy unless you are. Our goal is to help educate our customers to elevate their coffee experience, so please ask your friendly barista if you have any questions. And make sure to attend our periodic coffee cuppings (tastings) to enrich your knowledge and expand the ways you can enjoy this magic bean. You can also visit our Coffee 101 page, where you can learn everything you always wanted to know about coffee (and more), from how it’s grown to how it’s roasted to how we brew it. We also demystify all those intimidating coffee drink names, so you will finally know a latte from a flat white from a macchiato!


If coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we’ve got you! We brew a full range of teas – from black to green to herbal, and of course chai. And with rich hot chocolate and spiced apple cider also on our menu, you’re covered no matter what your beverage desire is. We even have a treat for our furry friends. Don’t let them make it a habit, but we can whip up a mean puppuccino!

Our kids picking coffee!

Our Food


The Pamplemousse Project coffee experience is coupled with a wide variety of fresh baked goods sourced from leading New York bakeries. Our croissants, muffins, and pastries will hit the spot, any time of day. Be on the lookout for an ever expanding range of delicious food offerings.




If you’re in need of a little indulgence, you can give in to the temptation of our assortment of gourmet chocolate truffles and other rotating confections. Work your way through our entire line, from coconut haystacks to sea salt caramel truffles – we won’t tell! Young and old alike will also love our huge bulk candy wall, with hundreds of favorite choices such as gummy bears, chocolate covered almonds, taffy, and much more.

Our Founders

Lydia and Gary Kris have made White Plains their home for over 20 years. They are excited to be able to support the community that has been so important to their family over the years.


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